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Just about everyone in America loves pizza! It is easy to make, great for parties and tastes great. It also tastes good basically anytime of the day. It is very convenient to order a pizza on the way home from work so that it will be there soon after you arrive. There are a few pizzas places in our city that advertise that your pizza will be there in 30 minutes or less. But if you think about it is that really safe?

The reason I am writing this article is that over the years I have dealt with too many pizza delivery cars on the road. They drive like maniacs! They are usually always speeding, running red lights, or cutting other drivers off. I try to stay out of the way as much as I can when I see that pizza sign on top of a car. You think that they would try to drive a little more cautious.

I mean sure everyone likes to know that in 30 minutes they can be enjoying their hot pizza or if it takes longer it will be free or discounted. But I would be willing to wait 15 minutes or so longer if it means that the delivery drivers will drive safer. I am sure a lot of other people wouldn’t mind either.

I wanted to go to one of the local pizza stores and interview the owner and one of the delivery drivers to see what their view on the whole idea was. So one night I walked in and asked if I could ask the owner a few questions for a report. It happened to be the man that I was talking to and he gladly agreed. Here are some of the questions and answers from his interview.

Why did you guys decide to do the 30 minutes or less deal?

We are a franchise, so we had no choice in the matter. The company itself decides for us what we can and cannot do. It decides what deals to run and so on.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Sure it is. The customers love to sit at home and time us to see if we will make it or not. It makes the 30 minutes pass by faster for them too so it doesn’t seem like they are waiting for so long.

Do you think it is a safe deal for your delivery drivers?

Definitely, we train our drivers to drive safe in all situations, even if the pizza will be a little late. We care about their safety and others that are on the road.

I have seen a lot of pizza delivery drivers drive like maniacs though on the road.

Those are not our drivers. If we received reports from anyone that they drove like that we would check into it and if it were true they would not be working here anymore. Safety comes first.

What happens if your driver is past 30 minutes?

The pizza is free and we apologize to the customer. They are always happy with that though unless we are really late.

Do you give out a lot of free pizzas?

Not really. We have some very reliable delivery drivers that are good at their jobs.

Is it hard to get the pizza out in 30 minutes?

Sometimes, but most of the time it is fairly easy unless we get really busy. But then we have more drivers on shift so it isn’t too bad.

After interviewing the owner, a few days later I decided to go back and interview one of the delivery drivers. I wanted to make sure that the owner wasn’t there though so I could get the truth out of him. Now this is an employee from the same business where I just interviewed the owner.

What do you think about the 30 minutes or less pizza deal?

It kind of puts us in a rush, especially during the busy times.

Do you think it is a good idea?

For the customer it is, but I don’t think it is for us. We are high stress when we are in a hurry and it is not so friendly in the kitchen at those times.

Do you need to speed at times when you are delivering?

Sometimes we just have to or the pizzas would never get there on time, especially when we are delivering all over the city.

Is speeding against the policy at work?

Yeah, but at times it is my boss telling me I need to step things up and get the pizzas out faster. (Note he meant the same guy I interviewed earlier!) So I feel like I have to hurry.

So he encourages you to speed?

Basically, we try not to give out too many free pizzas. If we do too many in a week he gets mad at us. So speeding seems like a better option.

Have you ever gotten complaints about your driving when delivering?

I did a few times. I guess I cut someone off once and another time I was speeding. I got talked to and that was it for all of them. People are always calling in complaining about something.

Has anyone else got talked to about their driving?

I think just about everyone here has. The manager took a delivery once and someone called in to complain about his driving, so it is not just us!

So as you can see after the two interviews, the stories are a little different. The manager claims safety comes first, when the delivery drivers say the policy is get the pizza out as fast as possible per the manager. It is kind of sad because we all have to share the road with these drivers.

All I can say is wow. So after knowing all of this, I really think that they should get rid of the 30 minutes or less deal and start focusing more on the delivery drivers obeying all of the traffic laws so that all other drivers on the road can be safe and not in fear when they see that car with the pizza sign coming up behind them. The pizza companies need to enforce that way more in the city I live in. And I am sure that many others have witnessed these drivers driving like maniacs also. So if you are a pizza company and offer 30 minutes or less, Please reconsider getting rid of the whole deal!

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