When you think of nuns, most people will envision an old woman in a habit. What most people do not know is that nuns provide clues to physical and psychological fitness and longevity. In a recent study conducted on nuns, it is been discovered that psychological fitness can prolong life. Nuns typically live healthy, structured lives with alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. In the analysis, the depth of knowledge and ideas in addition to the ability to articulate were used as measures of intelligence. Nuns, with their daily recitals of spiritual scriptures have developed a technique with the identical favourable same effect to the mind, as a fantastic memory training system or technique.

Mental Age Test

Years of leading a structured lifestyle dedicated to spiritual study have helped them improved their research skills and concentration to a very substantial level. The result indicates that most gifted nuns attained an average age of 88.5 Years, while others only reached 81 decades. Together with the test mental age, post-mortem brain tests showed that signs of Alzheimer’s disease were 10 times more frequent. This is only one study to conclude that the more emotionally active you are, the less likely you may have Alzheimer’s disease. It has been shown that the well-educated are four times less likely to be struck by cerebral atrophy than uneducated citizens. It is a natural law that anything is not used often will decline gradually and can only be restored with a few difficulties.

Many older people, despite having less physical and psychological attributes, have been very effective in being confident and active. They are happy with what they have and if they make plans, they see to it that they are accomplished. Studies have shown that the secret to their positive outlook in life is simple. They do not look back in the past and rue what might have been or might have been. Instead they look ahead to what is possible before them. They constantly renew themselves. Many old people are known to volunteer their time, needless to say, not all elderly people radiate such optimism and maybe only a minority would state they are really content.

However a positive view of the world is an important element for pleasure and gratification in life. It is not so much a matter of prolonging our life span but of fulfilling the years with life. Individuals who stay mentally active often show little signs of psychological ageing. Besides that, there is a rollover effect and emotionally active old individuals tend to be happier. So no matter what your age is, make it a lifelong habit to always learn new things and give to your community. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you get back concerning quality of life.